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Fine Jewellery

The Michael Michaud Fine Jewellery Collection. All pieces are available in gold vermeil with a 24kt gold plating and 18kt solid gold. Please note that the 18kt solid gold jewellery is made to order and takes about 4-5 weeks to create. 

Eucalyptus Leaf Necklace

From £1,103.00

Eucalyptus Leaf Bracelet

From £473.00

Irish Thorn Brooch

From £343.00

Nautilus Shell Pendant

From £147.00

Boxwood Pendant

From £217.00

Boxwood Necklace

From £1,103.00

Boxwood Bracelet

From £501.00

Boxwood Earrings - Wire

From £259.00

Boxwood Earrings - Post

From £147.00

Clover Petite Pendant

From £147.00

Clover All Leaf Necklace

From £683.00

Eucalyptus Collar

From £816.00

Eucalyptus Pendant

From £158.00

Fern Long Necklace

From £378.00

Fern Pendant

From £231.00

Ginkgo Necklace

From £942.00

Ginkgo Brooch - Small

From £238.00

Ginkgo Earrings - Wire

From £252.00

Ginkgo Earrings - Post

From £168.00