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Gardener's Comfort Heat Pads


Whilst travelling in Japan, we discovered our new Gardener’s Comfort Heat Pad and just had to bring them back with us so you can try them as well. Used in Japan for over five decades, the heat pads provide a flexible source of heat after a long day tending to the garden or, simply to provide extra warmth and comfort wherever you enjoy relaxing.


Pack contains 10 heat pads; individual heat pad size: 3.75" x 5.3"; Made in Japan



A heat pad for flexible use, either as a practical heat source while out and about or for therapy. Heats up within 15 minutes after being exposed to oxygen and provides warmth for up to 12 hours. The gentle heat can increase blood flow in the parts of the body being warmed. Gardener's Comfort Heat Pads are adhered to a piece of clothing near the skin (undershirt/t-shirt) making it especially mild on skin.



Open the packaging using the flap and remove the protective foil from the back. Stick the pad on a piece of clothing near the skin (undershirt or t-shirt) and cover loosely with a second layer of clothing.

Important: do not use clothing that fits too tightly to ensure adequate air circulation and avoid a build-up of excess heat.

Warming effect can be felt within minutes. The heat pads can also be placed in pockets as simple hand warmers. After the pad has cooled off, simply dispose of it in the household waste.



Gardener's Comfort Heat Pads are recommended by pharmacist, professional gardeners and farmers.



The folding boxes of the packaging consist of 80% recycled material.



Iron powder, minerals, salt, water, activated carbon; Best Before: see inside imprint

Customer Reviews

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These heat pads are absolutely amazing! I received one as a sample with my jewellery order and tried it on my back a few days ago. I have to say that the heat pad really stayed warm for the whole day. It was actually still warm when I removed it in the evening. Great product!