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Water Lilies Necklace


It is hard to look at water lilies without first thinking of renowned French Impressionist Claude Monet. A great many of his paintings depict his flower garden at his home in Giverny, France, and his large pond covered with water lilies.

Many people, including Monet, considered water lilies to be the jewels of the pond. Not only are they beautiful to look at, but they also serve an important purpose in the pond, mainly in aiding its ecosystem. Water lilies spread across the water‘s surface, filling it with colour and vibrancy all the while keeping the pond and the creatures in it safe and healthy.

Materials: The Water Lilies Necklace is cast in hand patinated bronze and accented with pale pink freshwater pearls, representing the flowers. It is completed by a string of pale pink freshwater pearls around the back of the necklace.

Measures: 18" - 20" L  (adjustable)

Customer Reviews

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Regal, royal, magical

This necklace is simply fascinating and beautiful to look at, it will make you feel like a north italian baroness. I purchased it for a wedding on a lake island and I couldn't have found anything more suiting to the occasion. The light peach pearls match my dress almost perfectly and it sits at a perfect mid-lenght on the chest. I really recommend to order the dangling earrings with it for an extra regal feeling and look. Couldn't be any happier.