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Rosemary Necklace - Spray Collar


Our Rosemary necklace is a captivating masterpiece that combines the essence of nature with the elegance of jewellery. Crafted in bronze with our signature green hand patination, this exquisite piece is cast from actual rosemary leaves. Its intricate design gracefully articulates and moulds to the wearer, offering a unique and elegant connection to the beauty of nature.

In ancient Greece Rosemary was thought to improve the mind and memory and later came to signify remembrance. It was also featured at weddings as a sign of fidelity and was often carried in a bride’s bouquet. It is also a popular kitchen herb as its pungent flavour compliments lamb, poultry, fish and a variety of vegetables.

Materials: The individual Rosemary leaves are cast in bronze.

Measures: 16"-17" (adjustable)