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Peanut Earrings


In contrast to their name, peanuts are actually not nuts, but legumes. These tasty and popular little legumes grow underground and not on trees like real nuts such as chestnuts, hazelnuts, and acorns. Peanuts are edible seeds inside pods and are part of the Leguminosae family along with soybeans, chickpeas, peas, and lentils.

Peanuts originally come from South America. More than 3,500 years ago, the Incas used peanuts when burying their dead to give them food to take along to the hereafter. The Spanish explorers took peanuts back to Spain and from there they were distributed through Asia and Africa. Nowadays, peanuts are processed into different products and are used as an ingredient in many kitchens throughout the world.

Materials: The Peanut earrings are cast in hand patinated bronze with large brown baroque peanut pearls replicating the peanut inside the shell. The wires are 925 silver.  

Measures: 0.8" L x 0.5" W