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Pea Pod Pendant - Emerald with 6 Pearls


Our Pea Pod Pendant has been transformed into a fine jewellery fusion piece by adding 18kt solid gold and exquisite Panjshir Valley Emeralds to our signature hand patinated bronze pod. 

Materials: The pendant is accented with one beautiful emerald weighing a total of 1.2kt and six white freshwater pearls. The emerald and pearls are fitted onto a base of gold which is nestled inside the bronze pea pod. Both the vine and the logo tag are cast in 18kt gold as well. Each piece also bears Michael's signature on the back of the pea pod.

Measures: Chain: 24" - 26" L (adjustable); Pendant: 3.25" L

About Emeralds and Panjshir Valley Emeralds

Emeralds are among the rarest precious stones that earth has to offer - and they are rare for a reason. Only exact geological conditions produce the finest emeralds. Two of the rarest earth elements, beryllium from the high continents and chromium from the seabed must collide under the perfect nexus of pressure, moisture and blast furnace temperatures to create these exquisite treasures. The Panjshir Valley, located in Afghanistan meets those conditions perfectly and offers the most beautiful and stunning green emeralds, comparable with the very finest Colombian emeralds. The purest, boldest “emerald green,” is the careful balance between hue, saturation, and brightness that only the world's best emeralds possess.

Panjshir Valley Emeralds unequivocally offers the best ethically sourced emeralds from the Panjshir Valley. Working with a network of trusted miners and possessing a one-of-a-kind relationship with both the Afghan government and local tribal leaders, Panjshir Valley Emeralds ensures that all of the emeralds adhere to the highest ethical standards of responsible sourcing and fair trade, hence supporting people and country to prosper from the ground they and their families stand on.