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Ivy Pendant - Leaf Drop


Ivy is usually seen clinging to buildings and trees and is a common plant in many woodlands and gardens. This woody, evergreen climber is celebrated and valued for the pivotal role it plays in providing wildlife with food and shelter. Nectar, pollen and berries of ivy are an essential food source for insects and birds during autumn and winter when food is scarce. It also provides shelter for insects, birds, bats and other small mammals.

The plant is also steeped in symbolic meanings and is part of a rich mythology. The use of ivy reaches back to ancient Rome where it was seen as a symbol of intellectual achievement and wreaths were used to crown winners of poetry contests. In ancient Greece, wreaths were given to winning athletes. Regarded as the emblem of fidelity, priests would also present a wreath of ivy to newly married couples. Today it is still the custom for bridal bouquets to contain a sprig of ivy.

Materials: The Ivy pendant is cast in hand patinated bronze and accented with white freshwater pearls. 

Measures: 17" - 19" L (adjustable); Pendant: 1.9" L