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Fan Coral Earrings


These corals are easily recognised because of their fan shape. A flexible, horny substance forms this coral's central skeleton with living tissue forming a layer over the entire surface. Fan Corals typically grow across the current so that their polyps can spread out their tentacles to form a net for catching plankton. Fan Corals appear in shades of red, yellow or orange. They can grow up to 6' high and 5' wide and are found in all oceans, but are particularly abundant in the Atlantic Ocean.

Materials: The Fan Coral earrings are cast in bronze with layered colours of 24kt gold over silver plate to achieve the light golden satin finish. The lacy structure is accented with colourful Swarowski crystals. The wires are 925 silver with 24kt gold plating.

Measures: 1.07" L x 0.8" W