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Crab Apple Napkin Rings


Crab Apple Napkin Rings - Set of 4

"Nature's creations are the ultimate art that fills our hearts with joy; warms our souls with promise; and fuels our spirit with desire. My true inspiration, to reflect this beauty, is what my art is all about." - Michael Michaud 

The crab apple is a beautiful spring flowering tree that is valued for its flowers, fruit and various growth habit and size. The height and width of the canopy can range from 10 to 25 feet. The spring blooms vary in colour from red to white. The colour of the fruit may be red, yellow or green and some have outstanding fall colour. The fruit of crab apples is not particularly palatable without first cooking and sweetening the fruit.

Materials: The Crab Apple Napkin Rings are cast in pewter with a special hand relieved bronze/gold and copper finish, accented with limestone coral apples.

Measures: inner diameter approx. 1.5"