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Cynorkis Earrings


The large genus Cynorkis with about 125 species of tuberous-rooted, mostly terrestrial plants was first described by the French botanist A. du Petit Thouars in 1809.

According to the American Orchid Society, Cynorkis is a very attractive genus seldom seen in cultivation. The flowers are as pretty and showier than those of many cultivated orchids. Because Cynorkis species are deciduous and dormant for more than half the year, growers are discouraged from growing these species; the dormant plant is completely out of sight, making its container appear to be an empty pot of soil. These delightful plants are well worth growing and enjoying, however, as they go through a complete cycle – from emergence of the first leaf to the dispersal of seeds – in about five months.

Materials: The Cynorkis earrings are cast in bronze with layers of hand enameling in mauve and purple over white enamel and silver plate. The wires are 925 silver.

Measures: 1.05" L x 0.85" W

Style: 3020BZ